Why should you bet basketball on 188bet?

If you are still wondering why you should bet on 188bet basketball then let’s review the following reasons.

Prestige guaranteed

Betting is related to money and a number of other legal issues. Therefore, when looking for the house to bet on basketball, the first thing is to choose a reputable, reliable unit to feel secure when playing. 188bet is the bookmaker you can count on. Multinational development network, high security, reputation guarantee are the commitments of 188bet to the participants playing betting.

Attractive odds

Attractive odds are one of the important factors to attract players. 188bet owns this element. The basketball odds at 188bet are extremely attractive and varied, offering many opportunities and choices for players.

Diverse betting types

Basketball betting at 188bet includes the following bet types.

Bet on the set with the highest score

Usually a basketball match has 4 sets and you will have to bet on which set has the most points. If you bet right, you will receive money, and wrong then you will lose the bet.

Which Team to Score First

You will bet on which team will score the first point in the match.

Which Team to Score Last

You will have to make a judgment as to which team scored the last score at the end of the match.

Odd/Even bets

You will have to guess whether the total score of the two teams after the end of the match is an odd or odd point.

Betting on, under

The 188bet dealer will give a specific number and you will have to determine whether the total points of the two teams in the match are higher or lower than the number offered by the house.


The Operator gives different handicap odds before the match starts. Based on that handicap you will make your own judgment about the result with that handicap.


The 188bet dealer will make many rafters and you have to win all the markets to win and make money. If you only win one of the rafts offered, you still fail and lose money.

Live betting

This is a form of betting when the match is in progress. When the match is live, you have 3 options to bet on handicap, top bet and parlay bet.