Top 5 football betting tips to win when betting at 188Bet

1. Equip your knowledge of football as much as possible

When investing in any field, you have to learn it thoroughly. Football betting is the same, before you bet, you need to find out everything about football and odds.

This means you have to find out in detail rather than through the speaker. Pay attention to the small details as it will greatly affect your chances of winning. For example, you can find out about the situation of two teams, players are suspended, injured, team performance, etc.

Or you can refer to football matchmaking, football commentary at the match analysis website for a more overview.

2. Place bets with reason, not favored by the team

Football betting players often make the mistake of having their favorite football match bet on them. You have to be awake to realize this before your money flies.

If you win, these will be extremely profitable investments. But if not smart, it will be the loss of your regret. So put the heart aside and see the rafters clearly, making extremely accurate choices.

3. Do not be greedy to bet on too many teams

Many players still feel that the safest bet is for many teams, then the win rate will be high. But the reality is completely different. Betting too many teams will make you rebellious; and it’s easier to get confused because the odds of the teams are nearly the same. You will have to calculate more, and this is easy to lead to false judgments.

4. Consider the odds before placing

The advice for this is that you should not rush to bet as soon as the game starts. But look at the odds and see at different bookmakers. This will help you compare the best odds between bookies. Also help you find the best bet values.

5. Set a limit to win – lose for yourself

When betting on football, set limits on your own. Win as long as you stop, lose as much as you stop playing. Winning continuously will make you greedy to bet more. Continuous losing also makes you want to get your money back and continue the game. Both of these options are not good. If you know when you stop at the right time, then it’s the smart one.