Top 10 best football tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the most prestigious events about football in the world for your reference.

If you are fan of football, you shouldn’t miss our ranking. Assure that there are some interesting tournaments for your favorite.

3, FA Cup

The FA Cup is regarded as the most UK famous domestic tournament in the world. Its popularity is not less than FIFA World Cup because it is the oldest football event.

It was hold the first time in 1871 then became “the home of football” when it was a good working environment to practice and train talented footballers. From this event, there are many iconic moments and records to be set up for football.

To receive an official ticket for FA Cup, all English clubs from the Premier league to other classes to face to face in the play-off. This tournament is an opportunity for any club because they have the same rights to compete.

4, Africa Cup of Nations

Although Africa is not famous for a strong continent about football, they have full of love and passion for this game. So, the Africa Cup of Nations is the highest tournament to find the dominant in this continent.

The fact, head coaches of the foreign clubs usually find and employ several outstanding footballers from Africa. They own special styles to make deeply impressive for fans.

The most successful team in this tournament is Egypt. They keep records about the champions with seven times. However, they have not reached any higher achievement in the international tournament.

5, UEFA Europa League

This tournament collects some clubs in the Europe. It is created from successor of the UEFA Cup.

Although someone criticizes this tournament that it is not creative among enormous fixture events at the Europa. It is a good opportunity for major clubs to practice and exchange each other.