The tennis rules you must know before betting on this sport

A tennis match includes a score, game and set to calculate the whole match. Depending on the tournament, there will be a total of 3 sets or 5 sets. In big tournaments of 5 sets, when a competitor wins before 3 sets, they win that match, a 3 set tournament who wins before 2 sets wins that match.

In each set, whoever wins before 6 games, wins that set but must be 2 games higher than the opponent. If the score of 5-5 is played then the game continues until one opponent wins more than the other opponent 2 games to decide who wins the set.

Tie – Break rules apply when both sides win 6 games, in the tie break series, the player who gets the 7th point first will win the game and set but must also win the opponent by 2 points, if the same 6 points The competition continues to play when the distance is 2 points.

Scoring method

Each game will calculate the following points: 0 (Love), 15,30,40 and win the game. If the score reaches 40-40, which means a tie (deuce), it will continue to play until the player has scored 2 points more than the opponent.


The first winner is graded 15 points, the second winner is 30, the third result is 40 points, and the fourth is the game. If both sides draw, continue the game until the opponent has scored more than 2 points.

Each point is started by teeing off. The player will stand behind the line, between the center and the sidelines, and the opponent who receives the ball can stand anywhere on his side of the field.

The tee shot must pass through the net (not touched) and enter the cross box on the other side and the opponent may not block.

If the ball touches the net and touches the ground on the goal kick, it will not be counted and must be replayed (this will be counted as the first error serve).

If the ball is faulted for the first time (does not go through the net or goes too long) the tee-taker is replayed a second time, if the second error is also committed, the opponent will be awarded points. If the 2nd time is valid, then it’s okay.

Cases of losing basic points

Failed to return the ball through the net.

Let the ball bounce 2 times.

Bounce but the ball is outside the boundary of the scoring on the opponent’s court.

Above is the basic rules of tennis that you must know before betting on tennis.