The most popular sports for students in some developed countries (Part 1)

One of the quick ways to integrate and make friends abroad is through sports. Nelson Mandela once said, “Sport unites people in a way that never solves” because he realized that sports can connect people in a special way that no political thought can do.

For that reason, knowing how to play your favorite sports in the country you intend to study abroad will help you get closer to the native people. Let’s take a look at the outstanding sports of some popular countries below.


Sports are closely associated with Australians as “breath” right from the time of reclamation and national establishment. Sports such as cricket, rugby, and football are always on the list of the most-watched and played subjects in kangaroos.

The history of Australian sports is marked by stories and great moments of victory. Tournaments like Ashes, Melbourne Cup, and America’s Cup have contributed to Australia’s national identity in addition to success at the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Commonwealth Games.


Ice hockey is considered to be the most favorite subject in the country of the maple leaf, partly reflecting the very cold weather typical of Canada. Canadians also have a lot of success in lacrosse, Canadian rugby, football, curling, and baseball.


The Chinese culture has long been associated with martial arts, but through the Olympics, Chinese people have become “fans” of many other sports. Basketball, football, table tennis, and volleyball are the sports that attract the most viewers and players in this country.


Like most European countries, football is the most popular sport in France when the national football background owns more than 2,000,000 professional players. France is also mentioned a lot with rugby, racing and of course, indispensable terrain biking. Tour de France – the most prestigious bicycle racing tournament in the world is a familiar name even for those who are not interested in sports.