The most detailed horse racing betting guide (Part 2)

Horse racing odds are offered in one of three ways such as decimal odds, fractional odds, or money line odds called moneylines. Below are the most popular types of betting odds. Let’s check them out!

Decimal betting odds

For example, if the decimal odds are 2.0, then for every $ 1 the winner will get back $ 2; The decimal odds of 3.0 are for every $ 1 of stake the winner will receive is $ 3.

If the decimal odds are less than 2.0 then the winner will win the amount less than the amount bet; For example, if the odds are 1.5 then the winner will receive $ 0.5 for every $ 1 stake.

Fractional betting odds

For example, if the horse odds bet is 2/1 then the winner will receive $ 2 for every $ 1 of the bet plus the original bet amount; so 1 $ bet with 2/1 odds, if you win the player will get 3 $.

Cash flow odds

Money line bets can be a positive or negative number. A positive number means that the winner will get a stake of $ 100 on the bet. For example +300, the winner will receive $ 300 with the bet of $ 100 plus the original bet.

A negative number means that the participant will need to place a bet with that money to get the winning amount of $ 100. For example -200, the player will need to bet $ 200 and if won the player will receive about $ 100 plus the original horse racing bet.


So after reading this article, you understand how to play horse racing betting, please understand each odds that I have shared with you. Wish you succeed at playing horse racing betting. Good luck!