The impacts of the Coronavirus on the sports world

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread to many countries around the world and greatly affecting political, economic and social life. Facing the strong outbreak of the coronavirus, the sporting world is hurt. Many sporting events have been postponed or canceled and many leagues are in doubt.

The Olympic Games

In 2020, one of the largest sporting events in the world is the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The arrival of the coronavirus caused Dick Pound, one of the senior members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to describe it as a “new war” that threatened Tokyo 2020. He warned the Olympics may have to be canceled if the virus continues in May.

The athletes were asked to continue training and the organization plan remained the same, but the training for about 80,000 volunteers was delayed for at least two months – scheduled to begin on February 22.

Olympic is still in doubt but the World Indoor Athletics Championships (from March 13 to 15 in Nanjing) have been postponed until 2021. North Korea canceled the organization of the Pyongyang Marathon scheduled in April, after. when the border gates were locked because of an outbreak in South Korea – the nation could not hold the Seoul Marathon to protect the athletes.

The triathlon Olympics scheduled to be in Chengdu (China) in May has been transferred to Valencia, but it is unlikely because the coronavirus is booming in Spain.

Other sports

In Badminton, the German Open and the Polish Open, which all related to the Olympic qualifiers, are canceled for “Strict health protection”.

Also an Olympic qualifier, Boxing held in Wuhan was canceled by IOC and transferred to Amman (Jordan) from March 3 to 11.3. The IBF belt battle between Daniele Scardina and Andrew Francillette in Milan on February 28 was delayed due to an outbreak in Italy.

The Japanese boxing committee, canceling all matches in March on the advice of the Government about postponing all sports events. There will be no reorganization schedule.

In Cycling, Michael Morkov was allowed to attend the UCI World Championship after being isolated on suspicion of being infected by a virus. The 34-year-old driver arrived in Berlin on Thursday after participating in the first four stages of the UAE Tour – the last two were canceled after two members of the Training Committee were suspected of being infected with the virus.

Coronavirus may cause more impacts on the sporting world in the near future.