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Top popular sports on betting (Part 1)

Betting on sports is one of the most favorite kind in gambling. It is welcomed and developed by almost bettors in the world. 

In this field, bettors will place on result of sport match through different kinds and types.

As experience from the winners and experts, you should place on bet for popular sports so that you can be easy to get experience, skills.

Today, we collect top the most popular sports on betting for your reference.

1, Football

Football is considered as the biggest sport loved by almost people in the world, therefore it makes sense this sport is also favorited on the top in gambling.

The fact, in the past, horse race was used to be the most favorite sport in betting. then its popularity was less and replaced by football.

On average, there are over $1 billion to be placed on football at the UK. This number is higher at some football nations like the UK, Japan, India.

Estimated there are hundreds of competitions held in year, including international, continental or domestic area. So, almost bettors from all over the world have opportunities to access this sport easily.

2, Horse Races

Although football is throwing the 1sttop in favorite sports to bet on, horse race is considered as the oldest sport in betting. it has long traditions from many years about gambling. This sport is unique to place on bet 24/7 from anywhere in the world because all bookmakers offer prior position for this sport.

Some famous market for horse races like Japan, the UK, Australia.

When betting in horse races, bettors have chances to receive big prize money. This is the main reason to attack more people to visit this event.

Estimated that there are about $100 billion to be transacted in horse race betting market annually.