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Top 10 best football tournaments in the world (Part 3)

In this article, we continue to share top the most famous football competitions in the world for your reference. 

6, Copa Libertadores

If the Champions League is the most prestigious event in Europe, the Copa Libertadores is familiar like it in the South America.

Reaching the Libertadores trophy is the dream of any clubs in this nation to dream and chase during history. This event is organized in the first time in 1960, then it has been continued to maintain and develop until now with many frames and success.

Estimated that all matches of this competition have ever been broadcasted in more than 135 nations in the global. Further, this event owns millions of fans all over the world.

During history of the Copa Libertadores, Argentine club is the most successful team when they have ever won 7 titles.

7, UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is highlyaprreciated as the most glamorous eventfor top the best clubs in theworldwhich collects the greates teams. Further it expresses profession and high quality about one tournament. 

So, becoming the Champions in UEFA Champions League has always been dream of any club. Through this event, Europe proves that they are the strongest continent about football.

8, FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is considered as the biggest competition in the world which collects top the best national football teams to join one event held every four years.

The World Cup is the greatest environment to express style and place of per nation in the international football ranking. So, anyone loves and expects this event coming to find the winner for crowning the best in the world.

According to the rule of FIFA, World Cup event will only be permitted to organize at some developed nations which has enough infrastructure and conditions for hosting one professional event.