Summary of accurate online tennis betting rules at 188BET

Exactly summing up the rules of online tennis betting. Every sport has its own characteristics and specific rules that players must follow. And the gamblers want to bet successfully, they must memorize the rules of that sport.

Not as popular as king sports, but tennis still has its own value and appeal, which many gamblers cannot ignore. Successful tennis or tennis betting must understand the betting rules and the rules of tennis. To assist players to quickly contact and bet effectively, 188BET has compiled the tennis rules and betting rules that players should know before starting to participate in betting on this field.

Currently, there are many major tennis tournaments in the world including Grand Slams, US Open, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, etc. Form of playing and scoring Form of playing tennis by point, follow the set for the whole match. For the women’s singles, the women’s doubles just need to win the first 2 sets will be the winning team. For men’s singles or men’s doubles, you need the first 3 wins to win.

Just like online football betting, tennis betting is a big decision to the winning of the bookmakers. Here are the popular forms of online betting that are worth supporting at 188BET.

Open Bets Players predict the final outcome of the match: deciding which team and player to win after the end of the match. Carefully analyze the match information including strength, history of the results of the latest matches.

Handicap Based on the result of the match to determine the result. Here, a strong team or a strong player will accept the set a weak set and the result will include the handicap

Over/Under bets Based on the total number of games that will be played for betting. The winner will win if the total number of games is larger than the number of bets predicted. Bets will be void when the match is halted, then money will be returned

Odd/Even betting Predict whether the total number of games taking place is odd or even, the probability of this bet type is 50: 50 quite easy to bet for players.

Bets to win the first game This type of bet, the betting players must have a certain understanding of tennis, the research of the players’ strength, current fighting style, fighting history between the two teams to make the right decision.

Good luck!