Instructions on how to Bet on Tennis (Part 1)

Tennis is a game of direct competition between two people (single play) or two teams with two people each team (doubles). Tennis players use a net racket to hit an empty felt-covered rubber ball called a tennis ball toward the opponent’s court. Today Tennis is an extremely popular sport in many countries and is also played at the Olympics. There are tens of millions of fans of this sport. Every year there are many professional Tennis tournaments held around the world. There are 4 top prestigious tournaments (Grand Slam): Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and US Open.

Introducing Tennis betting (Tennis)

We offer Tennis into our Sport Betting category with a wide range of products, pleasing every sports enthusiast. This content will guide rules and forms of tennis betting, etc. for you the most specific way.

All Tennis results used to calculate results must comply with the rules that THA set as a standard.

Tennis forms are recorded according to the number of games and the number of innings. It based on the number of rounds that the two teams finish the match as a basis for determining a win or loss, also known as Set Handicap.

Tennis betting result depends on the final result of the tournament homepage given as the standard. If a match is started early, all bets accepted before the match will be considered “Valid”, bets made after the start of the match will be considered “Invalid”. Direct is considered valid).

All matches must be scheduled according to the “scheduled date” or “scheduled time” in the match schedule, otherwise the bet placed there will be considered void. In the event of a problem or interruption of more than 12 hours without being able to resume, that match will be considered invalid, all bets related to that match will be refunded to THA. Stakes and parlay bets will be based on a “1” scale down to 1 level for calculation.