Basic rules of online baseball betting for beginners (Part 2)

All categories of betting in baseball except for parlay betting

If a match is suspended before the full time has elapsed, or the game is delayed later than the original scheduled time of more than 12 hours or is canceled, then bets on that match will be considered void and bets will be refunded.

If an MLB baseball tournament is not played for 5 full innings, then bets will not count. However, if it it is played over 5 rounds then it will be based on the decision of the [win / lose] of the federation to make the standard. If the result is [Tie] then nothing is counted.

Skewers and baseball betting rules in any baseball game, if paused before the full time has been played, or delayed later than the scheduled time. If the original bet has already exceeded 12 hours or is canceled, then bets on that match will still be considered valid, and considered valid, the odds will be calculated according to the rules.

The pitcher for the match has been announced by the company

It is for reference only. If there is a change in the player who has served when the game is already in progress, bets will still be valid.

For professional baseball in Japan, if after the end of 12 matches the score for both teams is a draw, all bets are considered valid.

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